The MetLCard Prepaid Rewards Card
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Now you may choose a Prestigious Prepaid MetLCard with a Logo that represents you in a personalized way through a Bank with higher limits.

  • Our Prepaid Metlcards comes with the routing number and account number of your choice bank, all FDIC Insured.
  • Everyone gets approved, No more Bank Rejects, No Credit Checks, No more High Fees.
  • Get paid and rewarded for helping your family and friends to get this Prestigious MetLCard.
  • We are now in control of our financial journey.
  • Our MetLCard comes with higher bank limits.
  • Set up Direct Deposit to your MetLCard from your Payor.
  • Get Paid and Rewarded for Helping others to get this Prestigious MetLCard. Does your bank pay you to tell others about them?
  • Get Custom and Attractive Marketing with your Group’s Logo.
  • The MetLCard can be loaded with BitCoin.
  • $5,000 ATM withdrawal per day.
  • Available To Non-U.S. citizens.
  • Free International Card Transfers.


On Monday 9/14/20, Cashapp closed my account without a warning. When my family and friends started sending me money is when I found out that $app had closed my account. When I contacted $app, they emailed me and said, “I violated their terms, and they can close my account at anytime at their discretion and the law does not require them to explain why”. Well, what a learning surprise, because their terms says that I can send and receive money thru $app..which is exactly what I was doing!!. I am so elated to have known about the Ztegrity Metlcards…that allows me to continue receiving money in a more classy way while being greatly rewarded for helping my family and friends get their Metlcards. $app never paid me anything for referring others. So, their closing my account was a Blessing in disquise. Now I have a much higher limit that I can use when sending and receiving my money.

Wilhelmina Ford
Wilhelmina Ford

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The New Sound of Money